Thomas Itty


Singles Vs. Albums I’ve been releasing my songs as singles recently. I don’t think albums work in today’s media and Internet landscape… or with the buying and listening habits of consumers. Some of the reasons why I think singles are better include: Each song gets the attention it deserves – from production and mixing cover art and liner notes, every song becomes its own unit and tells its own story. Artists will only release the good songs – not the fillers -- if a song does not have what it takes to stand out on its own then there is no reason to go through the effort meet the obligatory 10 song minimum for an album. Each unit costs less for the consumer so hopefully they sell more. Each song can be marketed individually – there does not have to be a theme that runs through as in an album. The style and production can vary significantly from one song to the next without appearing incongruous – the way it would in an album. You can release new music almost continuously with singles and keep fans satisfied – as well as stay relevant and visible all the time. You tend to release more music – it can be overwhelming and expensive to write and produce an album worth of songs.