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I've been writing songs since I was 17 years old and I can still remember the wonder and excitement I felt when I put a melody and words together for the first time. Even now, I get the same thrill each time I write a new song or story -- the high that comes from creating and bringing something new (that didn't exist a moment before) into the world!


From There To Here is a collection of my studio recordings. Some are recent while others were made some years back. While this CD can be considered a current compilation of my professionally-produced songs, they are also some of my favorites and stand the test of time.


I'm sure you will enjoy this album. Please listen to the samples here and buy the album. I would recommend the physical CD over a digital download -- I think the sound quality (and listener experience) is so much better.


I have over 75 more original songs waiting in the wings to be recorded professionally. Your patronage will help me do it quicker. You can also listen to my home-made demos here or on my Soundcloud station. If you are a performing songwriter and would like to cover my songs, either live or on your own recordings, please contact me and I will send you lyrics and chords for the song(s) you are interested in.


My songs are available for licensing, recording, and placement. I own 100% of all my songs. Please contact me if you are interested in my music for your own project.

Songwriting & Demos


I've been writing songs for over 30 years and have over 100 completed songs in my catalog. All my songs are available for licensing, recording, and placement. I own 100% of all my songs so the only decision you will need is mine. I am also available for custom songwriting projects -- musicals, rock operas, or tribute songs.


You can listen to studio and demo recordings of some of my songs on my Soundcloud page. The demos are mostly recorded in my home studio with me performing all the instruments and vocals. If you are interested in a specific song here for a project, I can provide you with a studio recording of it in any particular genre as well. Use the form below to contact me or write to

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