Thomas Itty is a singer/songwriter and indie recording artist from New York. He’s been writing songs since he was seventeen years old and has a catalog of over 100 well-crafted songs. Itty has released six albums: The Dark Edge of The Light (2000) and From There To Here (2013), Retrospective (2019) and Here Goes Nothing (2020), Covid-16 Days (2020) and This Too Shall Pass (2020). He has also recorded numerous singles, including several Christmas songs. His music is available everywhere music is sold online.


Thomas Itty’s music can be broadly categorized as acoustic-rock or retro-rock. His lyrics are deep, and his songs explore the human condition with poetic grace. They reflect an artist that is comfortable in his songwriting abilities and at the peak of his powers. With catchy tunes, attention-grabbing hooks and memorable lyrics, his songs draw you in and keep you listening… over and over again.