Hello and thanks for visiting! This site features my music and writing, including my album, From There To Here and my novel, Bangalore Baloney. I have also been working in advertising and marketing since I was a teenager and have three related degrees. If you are interested in that aspect of my life please click here or on the "Marketing" button above.



I’ve been writing songs since I was 17 years old and have a catalog of over 100 songs. My songs can be classified as singer/songwriter acoustic rock -- with Americana, folk, pop, bluegrass, and country influences. I've been recording and selling my songs on iTunes and on CD Baby since 2000, but I have been playing them live, as a one-man acoustic performer, only since the summer of 2014.

I’ve always believed that my songs are as good as any you can hear out there. Performing them live has been very gratifying.  I see it as getting them out into the world one audience member at a time.



I've been writing both professionally (as a copywriter and marketing expert) and personally (short stories, essays, and blog posts) since I was in high school. Writing novels has been on the back of my mind since I was a teenager. I started thinking about it seriously around 2011 and started writing in the middle of the year. I completed Bangalore Baloney in 2013 and I am in the process of writing my next one now.

Bangalore Baloney is a coming of age novel that takes place in Bangalore (India) and New York. It's a fast-paced, exciting, and heartwarming story that I am sure you will enjoy very much. There are some excerpts here on this site that you can read before you decide to buy the novel. It is available in print on Amazon as well as in digital format on iTunes, Kindle and pdf format.

When I started writing Bangalore Baloney, I had the idea of creating a novel and album of songs together. One of the characters in the story, George, is a songwriter and I thought it would be nice for readers to also hear the songs he wrote while reading the book -- and that it would be (pardon the pun) a novel idea. I wrote 16 new songs for the book that were woven into the storyline. However, because of constrains in time and finances, I was only able to record a few of the songs before the novel was published. Most of the songs on the novel, however, can be found here, if you look around a bit, as either studio recordings, or rough demos.


I play occasionally in the New York region now -- mainly open mics and short gigs to keep me in the groove. I'm in the process of expanding my performances and putting together a band. Stay tuned.


Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy your time here.


All the best.

Thomas Itty


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