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SYNOPSIS From the enigmatic beginning to its surprising ending, Bangalore Baloney is a story about an enduring friendship that spans three decades and two continents. Swami and Venu are students in the 5th standard at Baldwin Boys’ School in Bangalore, India when George arrives from New York and joins their class. The three boys soon become good friends and call themselves The Scrimshankers. The novel follows the lives of these three characters: from their schooldays and first sexual experiences; to personal tragedies, and the separate paths they each take to pursue their dreams. Swami grows up to become a fearless journalist. George plays guitar, sings and writes songs from a young age. His journey takes him back to the U.S. After a traumatic childhood, Venu manages to get into a top medical college against all odds. He immigrates to Canada and becomes a talented heart surgeon. Through it all, their friendship endures. After being away from each other for over a decade and pursuing their careers, a dramatic event in New York brings the three friends together. They realize the true depth of their friendship and how important they are to each other. Bangalore Baloney is an exceptional work of fiction that is easy to read but profound in scope and content. Filled with subtle humor, vivid descriptions, universal experiences, heart-tugging moments, action and suspense, as well as 16 great songs, this is a novel that sets new boundaries in multi-cultural literary fiction and music.

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